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A multi-instrumentalist who has mastered the bass, double bass, classical guitar, Brazilian 10-string guitar, and the beautiful “Guiola” among other string companions, bringing to life the sounds that come from his heart and through his fingers.


Gustavo Roriz is a string instrumentalist that takes us from Portugal to Brazil, Latin America, Africa, Mediterranean Europe and beyond, on a journey of sounds, rhythms and colours.
As far as his style and influences, you can find nuances of African and Brazilian music, jazz, fado, and much more. He is also a true entertainer who loves to tell stories, sip wine and chat late into the night. His career has focused on highlighting the links between Portugal and Brazil, bringing their sound identities and his musical personality to the four corners of the world.
He has performed at renown venues such as Coliseu in Lisbon, Porto and Buenos Aires, Sala Zitarrosa in Montevideo, Olga Cadaval Cultural Center, Teatro Calderon in Madrid, Carnegie Hall in New York, Bauhaus Music in Amsterdam, and many others.
His career started in 1996, and he has achieved significant praise and recognition in his field. He has participated in many recordings and released two albums, one solo and one with D’alambre.
He’s a Music graduate from UNICAMP (Brazil) and has a Master’s degree in Jazz Performance from ESML (Superior School of Music – Lisbon).

Welcome to this space, turn up the volume and enjoy the journey!

Gustavo Roriz and his Guiola

Meet the Guiola

photo of Guiola

From the moment I became involved with the traditional Brazilian 10-string guitars, I began my search for a specific sound reflecting the Ibero-American culture. Following the process of adapting the playing technique, I felt the need to change the actual construction of the instrument that I already played, the traditional Brazilian guitar also known as “viola caipira”.

That’s when I started developing the idea for this variation on the construction of the instrument, which moved closer to the Portuguese Guitar because of its peculiar sound, greater ease of application of the string technique, and also combining two closely related, but at the same time distinct cultures – Brazilian and Portuguese.

Simultaneously, I sought to expand the artistic reach to other destinations, touching on sounds from the Iberian Peninsula to Latin America, as well as to Portuguese-speaking African countries such as Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea, and Mozambique, moving through these musical universes.

I invite you to be inspired and delighted by this unique instrument, designed jointly and constructed by the talented hands of luthier António Monteiro of Guitarras Flor de Lis, which I lovingly called “Guiola“.

Gustavo Roriz



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